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Your Partner For Pharmaceuticals, Research Lab, and Pilot Plants

Our Pillars


Safe Switchgear and Substation Operation

ReliaSAFE guarantees the safe operation of switchgear and substations, keeping them outside the Arc Flash boundary, prioritizing both personnel safety and continuous operations.


Auto-Transfer Options

Seamlessly switch between power sources using traditional relays or PLC configurations, providing pharmaceutical labs with uninterrupted workflows and peace of mind.


Power Monitoring

ReliaSAFE offers a local workstation for comprehensive power monitoring, enabling real-time insights into energy consumption and facilitating efficient energy management.

Research Labs

Empower research facilities with ReliaSAFE’s advanced features:


Safety Beyond Boundaries:

Ensure the safety of your research facility with switchgear and substations operating safely outside the Arc Flash boundary, safeguarding both your research personnel and vital experiments.

Seamless Auto-Transfer:

Enable uninterrupted research with auto-transfer capabilities via traditional relays or PLC configurations, guaranteeing a constant power supply.

Precise Power Monitoring:

Monitor energy consumption closely with ReliaSAFE’s dedicated power monitoring workstation, facilitating informed decisions on energy efficiency and cost management.

Resource Management:

Manage and optimize your resources effectively through WAGES monitoring, offering precise insights into Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam usage for sustainable research operations.

Pilot Plants

Enhance pilot plant operations with the reliability and safety of ReliaSAFE:

Safety at the Core:   ReliaSAFE prioritizes safety by ensuring that switchgear and substations operate securely outside the Arc Flash boundary, minimizing risks in pilot plant environments.

Auto-Transfer Controls:

Maintain consistent operations in pilot plants with auto-transfer options, whether using traditional relays or PLC configurations, ensuring operational continuity.

Our Manufacturer

Lavan Drives &

Lavan Drives and Controls is a true powerhouse in the world of drive and control systems. Often likened to a “hot rod shop” for drive and controls, Lavan is known for its ingenuity, expertise, and ability to craft cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field.

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