ReliaSAFE for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Safe Switchgear and Substation Operation: ReliaSAFE guarantees the safe operation of switchgear and substations, keeping them outside the Arc Flash boundary, prioritizing both personnel safety and continuous operation

ReliaSAFE for Hospitals: Ensuring Vital Operations

Elevate the safety and reliability of hospital operations with ReliaSAFE:

Safety Beyond Boundaries:

Prioritize patient safety and uninterrupted care with ReliaSAFE's commitment to safe operation of switchgear and substations, which operate securely outside the Arc Flash boundary.

Precise Power Monitoring:

Monitor energy consumption in real time using ReliaSAFE's dedicated power monitoring workstation, facilitating efficient energy management and cost savings.

Generator Monitoring and Automated Testing:

Maintain the reliability of backup power systems with ReliaSAFE's generator monitoring capabilities and automated testing reporting via PME report templates, guaranteeing backup power readiness during emergencies.

ReliaSAFE for Data Centers

Safeguarding Digital Infrastructure

Ensure the resilience and continuity of your data center operations with ReliaSAFE:


Comprehensive Monitoring and Control:

Keep your digital infrastructure running smoothly with ReliaSAFE’s monitoring and control capabilities for UPS systems, batteries, generators, and fuel oil. This ensures that critical data center components remain in peak condition.

Transfer Switch Networking Monitoring:

Ensure seamless power transitions with monitoring through Schneider Electric Power Monitor Expert (PME), guaranteeing reliable operations even during power changes.

Real-time Power Monitoring:

Gain insights into energy consumption with ReliaSAFE’s dedicated power monitoring workstation. Accurate data empowers data center managers to make informed decisions about energy efficiency and cost management.

Our Manufacturer

Lavan Drives &

Lavan Drives and Controls is a true powerhouse in the world of drive and control systems. Often likened to a “hot rod shop” for drive and controls, Lavan is known for its ingenuity, expertise, and ability to craft cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field.

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