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ReliaSAFE is a dynamic ecosystem, purpose-built to empower the infrastructure of modern buildings.



Monitor All the Power for Your Data Center 

Provides a crucial hub to monitor Power Substations, ATSes, and all the supporting devices for your critical power requirements. ReliaSafe can even support critical mechanical systems such as water, air, gases, steam, and HVAC

ATO Controls

Lavan Drives & Controls: Powering Possibilities

Lavan Drives and Controls, is a true force in drive and control systems, often likened to a “hot rod shop.” With over 30 years of experience, they’ve been the backbone of drive and control services in pharmaceutical buildings, crafting innovative solutions that redefine industry standards.


Safety is non-negotiable in today's building environments. ReliaSAFE elevates electrical safety standards to the highest level. It empowers Facility Operators with the ability to monitor multiple subsystems, facilitating predictive maintenance and proactive issue resolution. This comprehensive approach ensures the utmost safety for building occupants and operators alike.



ReliaSAFE embraces the Internet of Things, overseen by a singular Builder/Integrator for adaptability. It facilitates efficient start-up, training, and maintenance, keeping facilities ready for the future.



ReliaSAFE combines eight subsystems into one, optimizing space and reducing installation costs. Built in the USA, it draws strength from Schneider Electric's portfolio while remaining adaptable.





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ReliaSAFE proudly serves a diverse range of industries, each with its unique demands for reliability, safety, and efficiency. Our solutions are tailored to empower these sectors, ensuring seamless operations, risk mitigation, and cutting-edge technology integration. Here are some of the industries that benefit from ReliaSAFE’s expertise:

ReliaSAFE for Engineers

For engineers, ReliaSAFE is more than a system; it's a partner in design and efficiency:

Design/Application Support:

ReliaSAFE offers comprehensive design and application support, ensuring that engineers can tailor the system to meet their exact specifications and project requirements.

Smallest Space Requirements:

ReliaSAFE optimizes space utilization, making it an ideal choice for projects where space is at a premium. Its compact design allows for efficient use of available resources without compromising on performance.

Lowest Installed Cost:

Engineers appreciate the cost-effectiveness of ReliaSAFE. It minimizes installation costs, helping engineers stay within budget constraints while delivering top-notch performance and reliability.

The ReliaSAFE Hub

ReliaSAFE empowers engineers with the tools they need to design and implement efficient and cost-effective solutions, ultimately enhancing the success of their projects.

Why a Project Manager Chooses ReliaSAFE

Construction Managers (CMs) and Project Managers (PMs) find ReliaSAFE to be an indispensable ally in streamlining operations:


One Provider for Many Systems:

ReliaSAFE simplifies logistics by consolidating multiple systems into one comprehensive solution. This efficiency reduces complexity and enhances project management.

Adaptable for Project Changes:

In the dynamic world of construction, changes are inevitable. ReliaSAFE's adaptability ensures it can flexibly accommodate project alterations without significant disruptions, ensuring projects stay on track.

Start-up, Training, Maintenance:

ReliaSAFE covers the entire project lifecycle, from streamlined start-up procedures to training for seamless integration. Maintenance services ensure systems perform optimally even after project completion.


Facility Operators rely on ReliaSAFE for optimizing their operations:


Optimal Electrical Safety:

ReliaSAFE sets the gold standard for electrical safety, prioritizing the well-being of building occupants and the longevity of systems. 

Monitor Many Subsystems:

Facility Operators gain comprehensive oversight by monitoring multiple subsystems from a single point. This centralized control simplifies operations and ensures swift responses to issues.

Predictive Maintenance:

ReliaSAFE’s predictive maintenance capabilities empower Facility Operators to foresee potential problems before they escalate, enhancing system reliability and minimizing downtime.

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