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ReliaSAFE safety powered product base is the best way to monitor your hospital’s power. 

Safety Beyond Boundaries:

In the realm of healthcare, patient safety and uninterrupted power are non-negotiable. With ReliaSAFE, these critical aspects are not just priorities; they're a commitment.

Our unwavering dedication to patient safety is embodied in the safe operation of switchgear and substations. These vital components are strategically positioned well outside the Arc Flash boundary, ensuring that potential electrical hazards remain at a safe distance from the heart of patient care.

ReliaSAFE’s pledge to uninterrupted care means that even in challenging situations, such as power fluctuations or outages, healthcare professionals can continue their life-saving work without disruption. This steadfast commitment to safety and continuity of care not only protects patients but also empowers medical teams to provide the highest level of healthcare, confident in the reliability of their support systems.


Critical Power Monitoring:

Gain real-time insights into energy consumption using ReliaSAFE’s dedicated power monitoring workstation, enabling efficient energy management and cost savings.


Seamless Auto-Transfer:

Ensure an uninterrupted power supply for critical medical equipment with auto-transfer options via traditional relays or PLC configurations, guaranteeing continuous healthcare services.

Transfer Switch Networking Monitoring:

Enhance hospital operations with comprehensive monitoring of transfer switch networking through Schneider Electric Power Monitor Expert (PME). This ensures seamless transitions during power changes, minimizing disruptions. Generator Monitoring and Automated Testing: Maintain the reliability of backup power

Save Time & Money with ReliaSAFE

Seamless Installation

Generator Monitoring and Automated Testing:

Maintain the reliability of backup power systems with ReliaSAFE’s generator monitoring capabilities and automated testing reporting via PME report templates, ensuring backup power readiness during emergencies.


Auto-Transfer Controls:

Hospitals require a reliable power backup system to ensure that critical functions continue in case of power outages. The ArcSafe’s auto-transfer controls enable seamless switching between power sources, such as generators and the main power grid, ensuring uninterrupted patient care and safety.2

Our Manufacturer

Lavan Drives &

Lavan Drives and Controls is a true powerhouse in the world of drive and control systems. Often likened to a “hot rod shop” for drive and controls, Lavan is known for its ingenuity, expertise, and ability to craft cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field.

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