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Experience advanced industrial control solutions that elevate your operations to new heights. ReliaSAFE - Your partner for efficiency, safety, and control.


ReliaSAFE offers cutting-edge industrial control solutions, including remote circuit breaker operation, UPS-backed control power, efficient communication, thermal monitoring, motor/vibration monitoring, auto-transfer capability, WAGES metering, versatile communication protocols, and Schneider Power Monitor Expert workstation. Elevate your operations with ReliaSAFE for efficiency and safety.

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ReliaSAFE Ground Fault Alarm

Stay NEC Article-Compliant: Ensure your facility's safety and compliance with our comprehensive Ground Fault Alarming System, equipped with twelve circuit monitoring, adjustable setpoints, Modbus TCP/IP communications, local LED alarms, and remote monitoring via Schneider PME.


ReliaSAFE WAGES: Water/Air/Gas/Electricity/Steam Metering

Efficient Water/Air/Gas/Electricity/Steam Metering: ReliaSAFE WAGES ensures precise utility monitoring, seamless integration with leading meters, an internal Ethernet switch for easy troubleshooting, UPS-backed control power, and comprehensive support from application to commissioning.


The ReliaDRIVE

Safety Redefined: Experience ultimate safety with isolated Control (24VDC) and Power (480VAC) Cabinets. ReliaSAFE Drive offers modular construction, uniform Control sections, seamless communication, adaptability, and 25 years of expertise from Lavan Drives & Controls, trusted by major Pharmas and NJ Facilities.


ReliaSAFE Remote Station

Complete Control at Your Fingertips: Experience full network access with a remote, redundant Touchscreen identical to the HUB. With variable screen sizes, multi-level password protection, and versatile usage options, it's your key to seamless control.


ReliaSAFE Services:

Complete Support, from Design to Maintenance: ReliaSAFE offers a comprehensive range of services, including system design support, premium system fabrication, expert start-up and commissioning, and maintenance contracts. We partner with industry leaders to ensure excellence at every stage.



Discover the transformative potential of ReliaSAFE’s industrial control solutions. With a focus on efficiency and safety, ReliaSAFE provides an array of advanced features:

Remote CB Operation: Gain control over circuit breakers outside the Arc Flash Boundary, ensuring both safety and convenience in your operations.  Efficient Communication: Utilize the Ethernet Switch to streamline communications, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) available for enhanced efficiency. Thermal Monitoring Hub: Stay proactive with continuous thermal monitoring through a dedicated hub, preempting potential issues. Motor/Vibration Monitoring: Achieve optimized performance and heightened reliability with real-time motor and vibration monitoring.

Versatile Communication Protocols:

Seamlessly integrate with various systems, including Modbus, BACnet, Qualitrol, SEL Relays, and more.

Auto-Transfer Capability:

Benefit from switchgear and switchboard auto-transfer options, including relay or PLC configurations, with the added advantage of Closed Transition Sync.

NEC Article 700 -Compliant Ground Fault Alarming

Safety and compliance are paramount in any facility. Our Ground Fault Alarming System not only keeps you compliant with NEC Article requirements but goes above and beyond to safeguard your operations:


Comprehensive Monitoring:

With twelve circuit ground fault alarming, our system can be expanded to cover your specific needs, leaving no corner unprotected.

Seamless Integration:

Utilize Modbus TCP/IP Communications to connect effortlessly with the ReliaSAFE HUB, simplifying data collection and analysis.

Customizable Setpoints:

Tailor the system to your precise requirements. Setpoints are adjustable, ranging from 20 to 1200A, ensuring you're alerted precisely when needed.

Immediate Local Alerts:

Featuring digital outputs with LEDs, the system offers local alarming for rapid response within your facility.

Global Monitoring:

Stay informed regardless of your location. The system seamlessly integrates with Schneider PME, providing remote Alarm and Event notifications, ensuring you're in control from anywhere in the world.

Optimizing Metering with ReliaSAFE WAGES

Utility monitoring is the backbone of efficient operations. ReliaSAFE WAGES (Water/Air/Gas/Electricity/Steam) is your comprehensive solution for precise metering and beyond:


Troubleshooting Made Easy:

An internal Ethernet switch simplifies integration and troubleshooting, guaranteeing swift issue resolution.

Uninterrupted Control:

With UPS-backed control power, maintain continuous communications, ensuring you're always in the know.

Seamless Meter Integration:

Interface seamlessly with top meters from ABB, KEP, Onicon, Rosemount, and Sierra Innovamass, ensuring compatibility with your existing systems.

Utility Diversity:

Monitor Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam with precision, gaining invaluable data for informed decisions.


ReliaSAFE Drive:

  • Isolated Control and Power Cabinets: Safety takes precedence with isolated Control (24VDC) and Power (480VAC) Cabinets, ensuring optimal protection.

  • Modular Construction: Embrace flexibility with modular construction, allowing for versatile electrical room layouts that meet your specific needs.

  • Uniform Control Sections: Every Control section is identical, supporting installation and maintenance staff, simplifying operations and reducing training overhead.

  • Seamless Communication: Effortlessly integrate with Modbus TCP/IP or BACnet Communications, ensuring a smooth flow of data for precise control.

  • Adaptability: While based on Schneider ATV630, our system is adaptable to most major drives, offering supply chain flexibility to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • Expertly Crafted: Built by Lavan Drives & Controls, boasting 25 years of experience supporting major Pharmas and numerous NJ Facilities, ensuring reliability and performance that’s second to none.

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ReliaSAFE Products & Services

our solutions to your problems

ReliaSAFE is your dedicated partner in achieving operational excellence. Our suite of services is designed to cater to every aspect of your industrial needs:

System Design & Support

Count on us for expert guidance in designing your systems, including meters, power supplies, and communications interfaces. We ensure every detail aligns with your requirements.


We go the extra mile by not only providing top-tier hardware but also ensuring seamless software integration. Our start-up and commissioning services guarantee your systems perform optimally from day one.

Premium System Fabrication

All our systems are meticulously fabricated in New Jersey, utilizing premium products from industry leaders such as Schneider, Vartech, Phoenix, Basler, ElectroSwitch, KEP, and many more. Quality is our hallmark.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintain peak performance with our maintenance contracts. We offer tailored packages to keep your systems running smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

RELIASafe HMI: Complete Control

Safety and Efficiency are yours, via the ReliaSAFE 

Network Access:

Arc-Safe control of Power Circuit Breakers

Redundancy and Remote Capability:

Thermal Monitoring HMI for predictive maintenance

Variable Screen Sizes:

UPS-Backed Control power, for three voltages, everything you need

Multi-level Security:

Easy troubleshooting and Maintenance in a 120VAC cabinet

Our Manufacturer

Lavan Drives &

Lavan Drives and Controls is a true powerhouse in the world of drive and control systems. Often likened to a “hot rod shop” for drive and controls, Lavan is known for its ingenuity, expertise, and ability to craft cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field.

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